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If you've landed on my live journal, I guess it's because we have things in common. I mean, I love drawing, books, cinema, TV, photography, comics, music, fanfics, vidding and I'm addicted to slash.

I'm a sucker for english or american tv shows/movies, I love playing with photoshop (icons, wallpapers...).

You'll see it by yourself, my livejournal is a very "fannish place".

When I'm talking about my life, my post are f-locked but "art stuff" (icons, vids...) are public. My live journal is mostly Friends Only.

BTW my english isn't perfect, sorry about that.
If you want to take a look, you're more than welcome.

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alex ross, alexandre astier, all the little animals, american gods, american gothic, american horror story, american psycho, anton yelchin, arkham asylum, ashes to ashes, atonement, batman, batman begins, books, bruce wayne, castle, charles xavier, chocolat, christian bale, christmas, cinema, clex, comics, crime and punishment, criminal minds, daniel craig, david tennant, dexter, doctor who, don eppes, dostoivsky, drawing, drawing blood, elling, equilibrium, erik lensherr, ewan mcgregor, fanfictions, firefly, gary oldman, gene hunt, good omens, great britain, hancock, hans zimmer, heath ledger, hunger, james mc avoy, james mcavoy, jeff palmer, jensen ackles, john simm, johnny depp, joker, kaamelott, kindred the embrace, kyle reese, lee bermejo, life on mars, little miss sunshine, lost souls, matt boomer, melvin purvis, merlin, michael fassbender, michael nava, michael nova, misfits, movies, muse, music, naomi novik, narnia, nathan fillion, neil gaiman, nick frost, nolan brothers, numb3rs, oz, panic! at the disco, paul wesley, philip glenister, photography, poppy z. brite, public enemies, rob morrow, robert downey jr, sam tyler, serenity, shame, sherlock holmes, simon pegg, star wars, starbucks, starbucks coffee, state of play, supernatural, swing kids, temeraire, terminator, the big bang theory, the black donnellys, the dark knight, the devil's whore, the eagle of the ninth, the it crowd, the killing joke, the long halloween, the machinist, the mighty boosh, theater, tim dekay, tv shows, velvet goldmind, vids, wanted, watchmen, white collar, x-men first class
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